43% of women in the US and 30% in Canada, will leave the workforce for a period of time to care for their children.1

80% of purchase decisions are made by women, making their perspectives vital for building successful business strategies.2

75% of women surveyed rank their organizational support for flexible work as the most important criteria when selecting a place of work.3

#1 reason for career interruption for women with children is the perceived lack of flexible job opportunities available.4

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MOMforce is Canada’s first boutique recruitment agency that is dedicated to helping professional mothers stay and thrive in the workforce.

We connect highly skilled women, across a variety of functional areas and seniority levels with reputable companies that prioritize gender diversity, look to fill skill gaps with top talent and understand work-life integration.

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Jobs for Mothers in Canada
Job seeking mothers in Canada

Our Talent

Our pool of talent is comprised of over 10,000 professional women from across Canada who specialize in a variety of disciplines such as marketing, sales, human resources, project management, law, finance, information technology, education & training, operations and more.

The majority of our talent pool is currently active in the workforce but are seeking opportunities that better support their work/life considerations.

97% of our candidates are university educated and most have close to a decade of experience in their designated field.

The MOMforce candidates are highly loyal, with an average employee retention rate of 8 or more years. These professionals are ready to fill permanent, part-time, or project based roles, which will help employers hire based on their capacity needs.

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MOMforce Testimonial

“As a working mom, finding a job that allows me to keep working in my area of expertise while still being there for my family is my top priority. Kudos to MOMforce and its partners for recognizing the need for more flexible work arrangements to help women like me balance it all!”

-Ashley Edelstein, Senior Marketing Manager at Tier 1 CPG & Mom of 3

MOMforce Testimonial

“We have had a wonderful experience partnering with MOMforce for our recent hiring round! They have been collaborative, responsive and truly cared about finding us top talent. They worked quickly and efficiently and I would highly recommend working with them to fill both part and full time positions.”

– Daniel Warner, CEO MediSeen Inc