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Our Mission

To help more women remain in the workforce doing what they love while caring for those they love.

Together We Can

Help companies “action” their gender diversity mission

Help equal opportunity employers improve their representation of women in mid to senior level leadership roles

Fill skill shortages with talented individuals either full time or based on capacity needs

Reduce employee turnover costs by hiring talent that is highly loyal

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MOMforce addresses issues working mothers face across Canada

About 30% of Canadian women leave their careers for extended periods when they have children, which can often stall their careers

Career interruption is the primary cause for a wage discrepancy known as “the child penalty gap”. Mothers are earning 12-20% less than childless women*

Studies show that the primary reason for career interruption is the perceived lack of flexible job opportunities available

Women are underrepresented in senior-level management roles. About 90% of senior level jobs are held by men with an earnings ratio of 75%*

MOMforce Helps Bridge The Gender Gap

Many top Canadian employers have made the pledge to become equal opportunity employers by increasing the number of women they hire, bridging the pay gap, and committing to advancing women into leadership roles.

MOMforce is helping them keep that promise by connecting employers with talented professional women.


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