MOMforce Services

For Hiring Companies

We seek to exceed our client’s expectations by filling permanent, part-time, contract and project-based jobs with the most qualified candidates.

MOMforce services takes away the heavy lifting from our clients’ hiring efforts. We thoroughly vet, skill-assess and interview every candidate and curate only the best talent that meets our clients’ business needs.

Mother at work in Canada

How It Works

MOMforce will not act as a substitute for a company’s primary recruitment methods, but rather act as a supplementary service in its hiring efforts

Employers will provide MOMforce with a description of the ideal candidate, a description of the job to be filled, and the flexible work arrangement involved

MOMforce will connect the employer with 3-5 candidates that meet the prearranged requirements

MOMforce will only get paid once the employer hires the perfect candidate

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For Job Seeking Candidates

MOMforce will help professional mothers find meaningful, flexible jobs in their areas of expertise, allowing them to have prosperous careers while raising their family

MOMforce is for those:

Returning to the workforce after maternity leave

Returning to the workforce after being a stay at home mom

Currently active in the workforce but looking for more flexible options in their designated field

How it Works

Candidates may send their resumes to

Candidates should outline their preferred work arrangement and job title in the body of the email

Once a job opportunity becomes available that meets a candidate’s skillsets, a member of the MOMforce team will schedule a phone interview